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Rebates are credits applied to your water bill. They are applied after a customer installs water-saving appliances, or participates in our Water-wise Landscape Conservation (WWLC) program. For more information, read on, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

Rebate Application Forms

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Weather-based Irrigation Controller

Weather-based Irrigation Controllers, also known as smart irrigation controllers, are weather-based controllers that automatically adjust irrigation based on the weather of the location, needs of the landscape and soil conditions. Once the controller is set for a default maximum watering time based on the hottest time of the year, it will reduce watering time by a percentage value when less water is needed.

According to SoCal Water$mart’s website, WBICs can save up to 13,500 gallons of water a year from overwatering and ensures plant health. In addition to the rebate savings, customizing landscape watering schedules can save more than $700 on water bills over the controller’s lifetime.


High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs) and Dual Flush Toilets use less water than older models and save up to 15 gallons of water each day.

HE Clothes Washer

High Efficiency (HE) Clothes Washer use much less water and reduce energy costs by 50%.

Water-wise Sprinkler Upgrade Rebate Program

Under the Water-wise Sprinkler Upgrade Rebate Program, a Palmdale Water District (PWD) customer may receive a $4.00 account credit for every sprinkler retrofitted with an HE/MP Rotator nozzle. Rebate credits are applied to the customer’s water service account of record in PWD’s service area. Call (661) 456-1001 for more information.

Micro Irrigation Conversion Rebate Program

Under this program, a Palmdale Water District (PWD) customer may receive $0.25 per linear-foot of micro-irrigation installed, but in no case, will the rebate exceed the amount of $15,000.00 for a project. Any rebates are subject to state and/or federal tax reporting and IRS guidelines. Recipients will be solely responsible for any taxes or reporting requirements. Rebates are payable to the customer of record in PWD’s service area and the customer’s account must be in good standing. Call (661) 456-1001 for more information.

Vendor List

Contact our Water Conservation department for a current list to be mailed. You may also pick up a copy from the District office.

The Palmdale Water District does not endorse specific brands, products, or dealers; nor does it guarantee materials or workmanship; acceptance of such is the sole responsibility of the customer. PWD assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage that may occur to an applicant’s property as a result of participation in any District program.



In addition to the many rebates offered by Palmdale Water District, occasionally we are able to offer specific programs to help residents conserve water. Currently, our efforts are focused on the Water Wise Landscape Conversion (WWLC) program outlined below.

Residential Water Survey

A free Residential Water Survey Program is available to property owners and tenants within Palmdale Water District (PWD) service boundaries. To schedule a survey, please call 661-456-1001 and provide your name, address, and phone number. A PWD Water Use Efficiency (WUE) representative will follow up with you to schedule an onsite visit. It is important for the tenant/occupant to be present during the survey as it also serves as an education program. Apply today.

Water Wise Landscape Conversion (WWLC) Program

The Palmdale Water District (PWD) WWLC program is currently accepting applications. Applications can be downloaded from our web site or picked up at the District’s Water Conservation Department. Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Water-wise Landscape Conversion Application

Programa de Conversion para un Jardin Inteligente

Frequently Asked Questions

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